William S. Burroughs On Trial for Corrupting Turkish Morals

William S. Burroughs died in 1997, but he’s still causing trouble. The Turkish Prime Minister’s Council for Protecting Minors from Explicit Publications has accused Burroughs of “incompliance with moral norms” and “hurting people’s moral feelings.”

The Turkish translation of The Soft Machine came out in January, and the Prime Minister’s Council accused it of developing “attitudes that were permissive to crime by concentrating on the banal, vulgar and weak attributes of humanity.” Not only that, but the book uses “slang and colloquial terms.” The Prime Minister’s Council was also confounded by Burroughs’ use of the “cut-up” technique, accusing the book of “lacking unity in its subject matter,” “incompliance with narrative unity,” and “the application of a fragmented narrative style.” The Council concluded, “The book does not constitute a literary piece of work in its current condition.”

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