Where the Drones Are

To maximize flight time over these countries, the U.S. military and the CIA require a network of geographically dispersed air bases and the explicit support of host nations. Stationed at these bases are the drones and what’s known as the “launch recovery element” — the personnel who control the drones during take-off and landing, load and unload munitions, and provide routine maintenance. Many drones are based at long-established airfields in host countries that are quietly expanded and modernized by American engineers.


    Location: Incirlik, Turkey

    Coordinates: 37, 35.26


    Location: Jalalabad Airfield, Afghanistan

    Coordinates: 34.40, 70.50

  3. Location: Khost Airfield, Afghanistan

    Coordinates: 33.33, 69.95

  4. Location: Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

    Coordinates: 31.50, 65.85

  5. Location: Shindand Airfield, Afghanistan

    Coordinates: 33.39, 62.26

  6. Location: Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar

    Coordinates: 25.12, 51.32

  7. Location: Zamboanga, Philippines

    Coordinates: 6.92, 122.06

  8. Location: Al-Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates

    Coordinates: 24.25, 54.55

  9. Location: Al-Anad Air Base, Yemen

    Coordinates: 13.18, 44.76

  10. AFRICA

    Location: Arba Minch, Ethiopia

    Coordinates: 6.04, 37.59

  11. Location: Camp Lemonier, Djibouti

    Coordinates: 11.54, 43.15

  12. Location: Mahe, Seychelles

    Coordinates: -4.6700823, 55.5146885

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