What privacy? Navizon I.T.S. tracks any Wi-Fi-enabled device inside buildings

Source: Digital Trends

If you’re in the public or even at your home, as long as technology is around, privacy cannot be taken for granted. Need proof? Meet Florida-based location service company, Navizon. Its latest product, coined “Navizon Indoor Triangulation System,” or Navizon I.T.S for short, enables pinpoint tracking of any Wi-Fi enabled device within a building.

Navizon I.T.S works thanks to the installation of nodes. The technology enables business owners to track the flow and location of customers in a mall, restaurant, office and any building. While most Wi-Fi triangulation often uses Wi-Fi hotspots, these nodes work without hotspots and plot a three-dimensional space within the building. And installation is surprisingly simple: The nodes can be plugged into electrical outlets with the only requirement being that it needs to maintain a distance of 100 feet from other nodes while accounting for the entire space of the building. The I.T.S will then be superimposed on a map of the building’s blueprint.

Because the majority of smartphone, laptop and tablet device users will keep their Wi-Fi on at all times, Navizon’s nodes can plot the location of these Wi-Fi users and track their movement within the three dimensional space. The degree of accuracy, which the company boasts, can pinpoint individuals down to a floor and a room, if not the individual. We bet most of you carry your phone just about everywhere and many of you have never even turned off the Wi-Fi on your smartphone.


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