Wall Street Banks Urge Tokyo Staff to Swap Nuclear Fear for Business Focus

American banks have had nuclear physicists visit their Tokyo offices to talk to workers about radiation fears in the wake of the Fukushima crisis, and they’re also supplying bottled water to ensure their bankers stay put.

Goldman Sachs had three nuclear specialists brief employees, and also held “sessions on emergency preparedness and family welfare.”

One of the scientists who was invited to talk at Goldman is nuclear engineer who was once an advisor to the UN on environmental radioactivity.

Morgan Stanley had two scientists  speak with their crew, and are also importing water from Hong Kong.

BofA’s energy industry analyst briefed workers on nuclear-related concepts including sieverts, which is a measurement of radiation.

The President of the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been critical of foreign investors who have cut and run, or plan to, calling some of them “selfish.” Banks are keen to make sure they don’t appear to do the same. And while European banks have evacuated workers, Wall Street banks have kept their presence in Tokyo. Goldman Sachs reportedly forbade its staff from leaving.

>> Bloomberg

Phantom Report: The name of the game is $$$money. If there is no radiation contamination concern,why are they importing H2O<?>

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