US state department – we have no intention of leaving Uganda

US military interest in central Africa, much like US military interests in various areas around the world, is multi-faceted. Uganda, for example, has played an increasingly central role in US counter-terrorism efforts, particularly in the United States’ attempts to destroy the Somali militant group Al Shabab. In June of last year, the Pentagon approved plans to send $45m worth of military equipment to Uganda and Burundi.

On Wednesday, Angelo Izama, an award-winning Ugandan journalist who specializes in security issues in central Africa, said the US is running a “multi-country intervention with a small number of troops” with a mission that isn’t entirely humanitarian in nature.

“For Uganda to exploit oil on that border region, it has to run a very large security operation,” Izama explained. “If you’re planning to be a competing influence in Africa, there are few places where you can have a real staging ground. Central Africa – particularly that area of Congo, Uganda and the Great Lakes region – that is where you ought to be operating.”

“It’s strategic in terms of its geography, and strategic in terms of its future economic opportunities,” he added. “This US operation, in a sense, is really a down payment on the influence it intends to protect.”

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CIA World Factbook

Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, small deposits of copper, gold, and other minerals, and recently discovered oil…

Oil revenues and taxes will become a larger source of government funding as oil comes on line in the next few years.

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