US soldiers on secret Somali operations

Source: Pakistan Observer

Hundreds of the US military troops have been deployed in Somalia for secret operations in the capital Mogadishu, Press TV reports.

At least 390 American troops have been training local soldiers secretly in Somali training bases over the past two months, Somali military sources said on Sunday.

Somali military officer Abdiwahab Mohamed Ali told Press TV that at least 390 American forces, including 38 officers have secretly reached the Mogadishu international airport.

The American troops have also set up secret jails in the country and inject dangerous drugs to Somali soldiers, according to sources.

The report came following two Friday US assassination drone attacks on al-Shabab fighters’ Harweyne training base in Elasha Biyaha on the outskirts of the capital, which claimed the lives of at least 39 people.

Earlier in January, the White House officially admitted in a report that it is launching concerted deadly attacks in Somalia as part of its campaign against the war on terror and the al-Qaeda militant group.

Washington has been using assassination drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia and claims that it is targeting terrorists in the operations, but civilians have often been killed in the strikes.—AP

Phantom Report Notes: US/CIA black operations have been killing for sometime in Somalia. Related:  U.S. Hires Shady Mercenary for Somali Proxy War ,CIA, Special Operation Forces and Private Contrators Operating in Yemen , CIA aiding interrogations of terror suspects in Somalia , External Secret Agencies Behind Sectarian Terrorism and CIA boosts covert operations in Somalia

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