UK selling sniper rifles to Gaddafi just weeks before uprising began


Documents found by The Sunday Telegraph show that in December last year, Britain’s ambassador in Tripoli was directly encouraging high-ranking figures within the Libyan army to visit Britain and view military equipment, including rifles and machine guns.

Richard Northern, Britain’s top diplomat in the Libyan capital, was joined by Maj Gen Jonathan Shaw, the Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff at the Ministry of Defence, for talks with the Libyan official in charge of buying weapons for Col Muammar Gaddafi’s army.

The same kind of guns were to be used weeks later by Gaddafi’s troops and security men to shoot demonstrators and residents in towns that joined the insurrection.

Today’s revelations, which demonstrate the extent of co-operation between British officials and their Libyan counterparts, will be seen as a fresh embarrassment for the Government in the wake of Gaddafi’s downfall.

>> Source: Telegraph

>> Image: Military Images

 Douglas: This is old news and nothing new to those who have paid any attention. I posted this same story from the London Evening Standard Feb 23, 2011 Britain sent sniper rifles to Gaddafi

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