Source: Daily Star


A SPY-IN-THE-SKY is listening in on President Assad’s ruthless killers to save the lives of ­innocent men, women and children.

The British and US ­satellites pick up their plans then pass them on to dissident leaders through MI6 and CIA ­officers who have ­infiltrated Syria.The information has helped rebels to evacuate civilians from hospitals and other Assad targets ­before they were attacked.

The Syrian hacking ­operation is a new part of the worldwide Echelon ­system that was created to monitor the communist bloc during the Cold War. It is controlled by ­Britain’s GCHQ listening station at Cheltenham and the ­National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland.

The satellites are so sophisticated that Allied eavesdroppers can identify the commanders and troops on the calls.A senior British defence source said: “We know who the guilty men are. There will be no escape.

 “The Assad generals ­giving orders can be ­pinpointed within yards and identified by voice ­recognition techniques.

“They include all ranks and the commanders ordering tanks to open fire.

“Some of them will ­eventually face prosecution as war criminals.”

The defence source ­revealed there have been discussions about an Iraq-style no-fly zone over Syria to help stop the attacks. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “All actions ­remain on the table. We would take any option that would stop the bloodshed.”


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