U.S. and Jordan Militaries Plan to Secure Syrian Chemical and Biological Caches

The United States and Jordan are reportedly discussing ways to secure what is believed to be Syria’s substantial stockpile of chemical and biological weapons, in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of Hezbollah or al-Qaeda, should Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime come to its end.

According to a Friday report in the Wall Street Journal, the two nations’ militaries are developing joint contingencies in wake of mounting concerns that – should Assad be toppled – various terror groups will try to acquire the country’s WMDs.

According to the report, one plan may see Jordan’s Special Forces, “Acting as part of any broader Arab Leaguepeacekeeping mission, go into Syria to secure nearly a dozen sites thought to contain weapons.”

Several top-ranking Jordanian defense officials visited the Pentagon in February, to discuss the threat posed by Syrian weapons of mass destruction.

According to Pentagon sources quoted in the report, Washington and Amman “do not foresee unilateral commando raids inside Syria.” Locating and securing weapon sites will, however, remain a key part of any peacekeeping mission in the country.

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