Tuareg rebels declare the independence of Azawad, north of Mali

How many hours/days before the French military forces already stationed in Mali or NATO distinguish the fire of a Tuareg independence.


U.S. Special Forces Operating in Mali: US Troops now in 5 African Countries



Source: Al Arabiya


Rebels of Mali’s National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) on Friday declared the independence of the Azawad, a region in the north of the country, in a statement posted on their Website.

“On behalf of the free and defiant Azawadi people and after consultations with the executive committee, the revolutionary council, the consultative council, provincial offices, chief of staff of the National Liberation Army…we have decided to irrevocably declare the independence of the state of Azawad, as of today,” the Arabic statement said.

The statement also mentioned the rebels’ “recognition” of and “respect” for the borders of the neighboring countries and their commitment to “the full engagement in U.N. charter.”

The rebels also pledged to provide security and start the building of state institutions that will lead to the “democratic constitution for an independent Azawad state.”

The MNLA also called on the “the international community to recognize the state of Azawad without delay.”

The movement said it would continue to manage the “affairs of Azawad until the appointment of the national authority.”

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