Lebanon Deploys Troops to Halt Syrian Jihadist Spillover

Source: VOA Lebanese security forces say a tip from U.S. intelligence agencies enabled them to pre-empt an assault planned by Syrian jihadists on predominantly Shi’ite Muslim villages in the Bekaa Valley. The intelligence disclosure is part of a mounting Western… Continue Reading

MİT truck documents prove weapon shipments to al-Qaeda and ISIL, says CHP’s Tezcan

Source: Today’s Zaman Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Bülent Tezcan shared police records on Monday concerning the search of a National Intelligence Organization (MİT) truck in Adana as part of an investigation several months ago, asserting that the records… Continue Reading

Battle for Syria gas field after ISIS execute hundreds

  Editor’s Note:For the meantime , the Iranian Qud forces and Peshmerga forces have halted ISIS’s advance eastward. With millions of dollars of CIA donated and captured U.S. military equipment/weapons ISIS will spark new military operations and atrocities in Syria. Killing innocent people caught up in the middle of a… Continue Reading

ISIS And Assad Waging A ‘Water War

Source: IB Times Syrian militants and government forces are waging a “water war” for control of the country’s scarce resource, increasing the likelihood they may trigger a major humanitarian crisis: Lake Assad, which supplies drinking water and irrigation supplies for… Continue Reading

UK military’s secret plan to train Syrian rebels to topple Bashar al-Assad

Source: Guardian The British military drew up a secret plan two years ago to train a 100,000-strong Syrian rebel force aimed at toppling president Bashar al-Assad. The plan was the brainchild of General Sir David Richards, then chief of staff. The military… Continue Reading

Israel strikes 9 military targets in Syria

Source: Chicago Tribune Reporting from Jerusalem and Beirut — Israeli warplanes and missiles struck nine Syrian military positions early Monday in retaliation for an earlier cross-border attack that killed a 14-year-old boy and wounded three other civilians in the Israeli-occupied… Continue Reading

U.S. arms supplies to Syrian rebels may create Somali-style warlords, rebel commander

  Source: EuroNews U.S. arms supplies to Syrian rebels may create Somali-style warlords and are undermining Washington’s allies in the rebels’ exile military command, the former Syrian army general who leads it said. Brigadier General Abdelilah al-Bashir, who defected in 2012 and… Continue Reading

U.S. Interests in the Eastern Mediterranean—a New Persian Gulf?

Source: German Marshall Fund For more than two decades, the United States has taken Eastern Mediterranean maritime security for granted. But the discovery of energy sources is changing the regional security landscape, eliciting maritime competition over exclusive economic zones (EEZs)… Continue Reading

About 300 Ukrainian mercenaries from Syria fighting with battalion of Right Sector in south-eastern Ukraine

Source: Itar Tass About 300 Ukrainian mercenaries who fought in Syria on the opposition side against Bashar Assad returned to Ukraine in March-April and are now participating in the punitive operation of Ukrainian government forces in the southeast of Ukraine,… Continue Reading