Chinese interceptions of U.S. military planes could intensify due to submarine base

Source: Euro News One Chinese naval officer has advice for fighter pilots intercepting U.S. surveillance planes in the wake of an incident over the South China Sea last week that Washington condemned as dangerous – fly even closer. The comments… Continue Reading

For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe

    Editor’s Note: Your movements, habits and privacy are tracked and surveyed by governments and corporations because information is a commodity. Source: Washington Post Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who… Continue Reading

Listening In: The U.S. Navy Is Tracking Ocean Sounds Collected by Scientists

Source: NextGov In a retired shore station for transpacific communications cables on the western coast of Vancouver Island sits a military computer in a padlocked cage. It’s the sort of cage you might otherwise use to lock up automatic rifles… Continue Reading

Dempsey Favors Building Vietnamese Naval Capabilities

Editor’s Note: Vietnam’s weapons embargo will be lifted by the United States in preparation to use Vietnam as an ally to contain China’s encroachment into the South China Sea. Source: Department of Defense  If the United States lifts the embargo… Continue Reading

Trans-Sahel ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations

Source: Defence Web The Sahel-Sahara region is the ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations, prompting major transitions in US and French military positioning, according to a new report.Commissioned by the Remote Control Project, Oxford Research Group’s report, From New Frontier… Continue Reading

German Police and Intelligence agencies pinpoint cell phone users via SMS

Source: DW our of Germany’s agencies sent more than 150,000 “silent” short-service-messages (SMS) to trace mobile phone users in the first half of this year, according to a disclosure published on Wednesday by the German federal government. It was replying… Continue Reading

Japan to create SDF space monitoring division by 2019

Editor’s Note: SDF space monitoring unit will be more than keeping tabs on space junk and debris. Japan’s space monitoring unit will be responsible for monitoring all aspects of China’s developing space capabilities. ISR of Chinese tactical satellites and missiles. Source: Japan Times… Continue Reading

New York State and DHS collecting and archiving tens of millions of records that track vehicle movement

Source: USA Today In a crime-fighting tactic that sets civil libertarians’ teeth on edge, police in Monroe County and other urban counties across New York state are collecting and archiving tens of millions of records that track vehicle movement. The records… Continue Reading

U.S. military needs better technologies for subterranean operations

Source: Defense Update Tunnels warfare is not new, in fact it has been part of military history since ancient times, through the 20th century. but has been abandoned by modern military with the introduction of mobile warfare, which rendered the… Continue Reading

Meet Executive Order 12333: The Reagan rule that lets the NSA spy on Americans

Source: Washington Post Bulk data collection that occurs inside the United States contains built-in protections for U.S. persons, defined as U.S. citizens, permanent residents and companies. Such collection must be authorized by statute and is subject to oversight from Congress… Continue Reading

The future of warfare: self-healing aircraft and ‘transformer’ plane

  Source: Telegraph The experts at BAE Systems’ research and development team at Warton, Lancashire, also revealed the Survivor, a lightweight adhesive fluid built inside the aircraft, which means jets can heal themselves in minutes. The new ‘Transformer’ type of… Continue Reading