Rogue US-Israeli cyberwar weapon ‘infected Russian nuclear plant’

Source: The Register Stuxnet – the famous worm widely credited with crippling the Iranian nuclear weapons programme for several years – also infected the internal network of a Russian nuclear plant. Unspecified malware has even reached the International Space Station,… Continue Reading

U.S. pre-emptive cyberstrikes will be launched under secret guidelines to protect computer systems

Source: Independent The US could launch pre-emptive cyber strikes against countries it suspects of threatening its interests with a digital attack, under a new set of secret guidelines to safeguard the nation’s computer systems. The rules – the country’s first… Continue Reading

From Sudan to cyber, secret war with Iran heats up

Source: Reuters From a suspected Israeli airstrike in Sudan to cyber warfare in the Gulf and a drone shot down over Israel, the largely hidden war between Iran and its foes seems heating up and spreading. Despite months of speculation,… Continue Reading

United States linked to computer viruses used for espionage operations and cyber warfare.

Source: Reuters Researchers have found evidence suggesting that the United States may have developed three previously unknown computer viruses for use in espionage operations or cyber warfare. The findings are likely to bolster a growing view that the U.S. government… Continue Reading

The war being waged on the web

Source: Telegraph In the past five years, cyber and telecommunications defence has left its niche market to become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 2011, governments, industry and ordinary computer users spent roughly £65 billion shoring… Continue Reading

The secret labs where America’s most futuristic weapons are built

Source: The Week Stuxnet and Flame, two of the key covert computer viruses used in OLYMPIC GAMES, were likely developed at Ft. Meade, Md. At NSA headquarters, computer scientists successfully weaponized C++ and established the battlefield of the future. To… Continue Reading

Israel’s high-tech whiz kids, Unit 8200, and W32.Flame

Source: UPI Israel’s highly secretive Unit 8200 of Military Intelligence is increasingly seen to have played a leading role with the United States in developing a powerful new cyberweapon known as W32.Flame that attacked Iran’s oil industry in April. Veterans… Continue Reading

It Looks Like The Devastating New Virus Ripping Through Iran Was A Joint US-Israel Attack

Security researchers have linked the Flame virus to Israel while U.S. computer security experts say that it bears the hallmarks of the National Security Agency (NSA), according to reports from Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times and Robert Windrem… Continue Reading