U.N. Peacekeepers to Protect China’s Oil Interests in South Sudan

Source: Foreign Policy […] In South Sudan, the investment is indeed paying dividends — for China. Last month, Beijing quietly secured a deal that will put the U.N.’s famed blue helmets to work protecting workers in South Sudan’s oil installations,… Continue Reading

Africa: Laboratory and Battleground for Pentagon’s 21st Century Warfare

Source: Ria Novosti Rick Rozoff – For the United States in the second decade of the 21st century war is being conducted in as risk-free a manner as practicable. In place of large contingents of land forces, armored vehicles and artillery,… Continue Reading

Mossad’s penetration in Africa, via the Red Sea, South Africa and South Sudan

              Source: Mondafrique Roughly translated The book by Eric Denécé and David Elkaim, “Israeli intelligence” (Editions Tallandier April 2014), a landmark on the intelligence services of Israel. Apart from some inevitable slag on Israel,… Continue Reading

Top Ten Extreme Risk Countries

          Editor’s Note:  Maplecroft’s Conflict and Political Violence Index fails to mention  U.S./NATO Military operations and interventions currently being carried out in 6 (Somalia,Libya,Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central African Republic) out of the top 10 extreme risk countries. Military interventions… Continue Reading

Eritrea vs Ethiopia, Northern Sudan vs Uganda proxy and oil wars in South Sudan: Analysts

              Source: anyuakmedia As ongoing fighting in South Sudan shatters any pretence of a ceasefire between government troops and rebels, analysts fear the conflict could engulf the region, as former foes fight old wars in… Continue Reading

AFRICOM details future missions on the African continent

Source: Marine Corp Times The Marine Corps’ partnerships with African military forces are likely to expand as those nations look to the U.S. for the training and expertise they need to combat violent extremist organizations, insurgencies, piracy or threatening neighbors,… Continue Reading

Inside Africa kinetic covert ops

Source: Air Force Times Slain diplomats in Benghazi, Libya; a bloody hostage crisis in Algeria; a deadly mall attack in Kenya; and sustained fighting in Mali, Somalia and the Central African Republic. High-profile flare-ups in Africa continue to mount. Terrorist… Continue Reading

The Global Conflicts|Hot Spots to Watch in 2014

Source: The Atlantic As South Sudan, the world’s newest country, veers dangerously close to ethnic civil war, we’re already getting a glimpse of the international crises that could greet us in the new year. Now the Center for Preventive Action, an affiliate… Continue Reading

U.S. to keep 1,500 troops in Jordan | U.S. Special Forces active in South Sudan, Congo and CAR

Editor’s Note: I have been archiving many articles pertaining to the connection of the Pentagon’s | NATO’s  covert and overt operations in sovereign resource rich  African nations .  The militarized scramble for Africa is nothing more than to purge natural resources for corporate interest and… Continue Reading

Africa scrambles to build export network for mineral resources

Source: UPI These days, Africa’s buzzing with plans to build railways, highways, pipelines and ports to get the mineral wealth from the states at the heart of the continent, like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, to the Atlantic… Continue Reading

Meanwhile in Sudan: Fuel riots, a hiring spree of ex-Soviet air mercenaries and preparations for war

Source: World Tribune The escalating fuel riots in Khartoum, and increasingly in other cities in Sudan, serve as a stark reminder of the inherent fragility and instability of the country. The riots were sparked by the spiraling prices of all… Continue Reading

Japanese firm to lay a 2,000 km pipeline to export South Sudan and Uganda’s oil via Kenya

Source: Sudan Tribune A Japanese firm is set to lay down 2,000 kilometres of pipeline for oil exports from South Sudan and Uganda via Kenya. Kyodo, a Japanese news agency reported last week that Hiroshi Suzuki, President of Toyota Tsusho… Continue Reading

Pentagon’s kinetic operations expands to a four-nation region of Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

Source: Military Times The Pentagon mission to help four central African nations track warlord Joseph Kony could extend deep into 2015, according to records released Wednesday. As part of Operation Observant Compass, the United States is providing military advisers and… Continue Reading

China sends infantry troops to Africa

Source: winnipeg free press For the second time in a little over a year, China has infantry on the ground in Africa, reflecting the Chinese military’s increasingly global presence. Three-hundred ninety-five peacekeepers from the People’s Liberation Army just arrived in the… Continue Reading