NATO: Canadian CF-18 jets and 250 troops deploy to Romania

            Source: Globe and Mail Six Canadian CF-18 jets and dozens of military personnel have deployed for air patrols in Central and Eastern Europe aimed at reassuring NATO allies amid rising anxiety over Russia’s territorial ambitions.… Continue Reading

U.S. Marine Crisis Response Force and Aircraft Deploy To Romania

              Source: Translated Romanian President Traian Basescu has approved a U.S. request to deploy military base “Mihail Kogalniceanu” in the county of Constanta on the Black Sea, 600 soldiers from the Navy, as… Continue Reading

US, NATO move ahead with Romanian anti-missile base

Source: Stars and Stripes Construction is now underway at a new anti-missile base in southern Romania, signaling that U.S. and NATO missile defense plans for Europe will press forward even as defense budgets shrink on both sides of the Atlantic.… Continue Reading

American Kellogg Brown & Root Services wins contract to build Deveselu anti-missile base in Romania

Source: Romania Insider American company Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc recently won the bid to build the anti-missile shield system, at Deveselu, in Romania. The USD 134 million contract was awarded by the Pentagon, and funding will come via… Continue Reading

Dracula’s Missile Defense

Source: Time Things are beginning to move on the Pentagon’s plan to build a ground-based missile-defense system in Romania to protect U.S. allies in southern Europe – as well as American troops in the region – from attack by Iranian missiles (although it’s rarely stated… Continue Reading

US military bases are getting closer to the Caucasus: a choice made by Russia

Editor’s Note: Yes this article is from 2009. US/NATO land, air and sea military bases in Eastern Europe, Middle East – Iraq and Syria(if and when regime change is implemented)  and Afghanistan  are strategic  platforms to pivot against Russia in… Continue Reading