Hidden dragon on the high seas

              Source: India Today China’s deployment of a nuclear-powered attack submarine in the Indian Ocean sign als the beginning of its strategic encirclement of India On December 8 last year, India’s military attache in… Continue Reading

Research and Analysis Wing Special Group: Warriors of Stealth

Source: hindustan times In the light of the current controversy surrounding its involvement in the Punjab crisis in 1984, it is necessary to understand what the Special Group or SG is all about. It is a specialised unit for conducting covert… Continue Reading

The Indo-Pak proxy war

Source: Dhaka Tribune Two arch-rivals, RAW and the ISI have been always trying to outwit each other, to dictate the terms for Bangladesh. At times RAW was successful. Despite being an avid reader of Harold Robbins, James Hadley Chase, and… Continue Reading

CIA hid more than it revealed on 26/11 Mumbai attacks : RAW

Source: New Indian Express The sleuths in the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) have been startled by the claims made in a recently launched book that 26 intelligence inputs were forwarded by the American CIA to the Indian agencies prior… Continue Reading

Western bruiting in Pakistan-LeT links

Source:Frontier Post Major chunks of coalition forces are packing for home as Al-Qaeda is now practically a dysfunctional organization especially in Af-Pak region. A huge credit of this success against Al-Qaeda lies with Pakistani LEAs which arrested and killed hundreds… Continue Reading

Indian intelligence: BD-Myanmar border may emerge as new theatre of jihad

Source:Financial Express Indian intelligence agencies fear that the Bangladesh-Myanmar border may emerge as a new theatre of jihad in the not-too-distant future, said The Times of India newspaper on Sunday. Bangladeshi security agencies are examining if Jammat-ul-Arakan, a new outfit… Continue Reading

How to Make Proxy War Succeed in Baluchistan

Source: Kashmir Watch This article published in India’s official “Defence Review” confirms that the creation of Bangladesh was the result of an Indian military operation and that the “Mukti Bahini” largely comprised of Bengali soldiers of Indian forces. India hopes… Continue Reading

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan foreign connections

Source: Pakistan Observer In the past too, Pakistan has witnessed a perennial wave of subversive acts. In this regard, while talking to the BBC and Voice of America (VOA) through mobile phone, the late Baitullah Mehsud, former Chief of the Tehrik-e-Taliban… Continue Reading