Predictive Policing Project: LAPD Pre-Crime Divisions

Source: AGE The morning watch at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill division begins at 6am, when the shift’s officers gather for roll-call and a briefing. The dozen or so officers file into the roll-call room and find space on… Continue Reading

Amazon Web Services to build CIA spook cloud

Source:FCW In a move sure to send ripples through the federal IT community, FCW has learned that the CIA has agreed to a cloud computing contract with electronic commerce giant Amazon, worth up to $600 million over 10 years. Amazon… Continue Reading

Remember that MP3? The ITU police are en-route

Source: Voice of Russia In a very quiet release of information the Internet Warriors and “Hacktivist” Group Anonymous, has informed the world of one of the tools that will be used to bring this about. If you have ever downloaded… Continue Reading

Flame: The Skype-Sniffing, Bluetooth-Enabled Super Spy Tool Is A Harbinger

The news from cybersecurity researchers this Memorial Day sounded like a plot device from a science fiction movie. A hyper-secret surveillance program laid dormant on computers around the world for years, secretly turning on microphones, taking screenshots, copying files, recording… Continue Reading