United States planned to gain control over Crimea to clean out the Russian Black Sea fleet

Source: Dialog UA Translated: The idea that the United States through the events of the Ukrainian Maidan planned to gain control over the Crimea and to remove therefrom Russian Black Sea Fleet, expressed...

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Nato Building 10,000-Strong Force to Counter Russia over Ukraine

Source: Yahoo Nato is reportedly putting together a 10,000-strong force drawn from at least seven countries amid the escalating tensions over Russia and Ukraine. The report comes a day after Ukraine sought to...

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Limited Warfare Is Back

Source: National Interest EUROPE NEEDS to rearm and defend itself to cope with a new military threat. The American security umbrella—in both its conventional and nuclear forms—is no longer adequate, particularly on NATO’s...

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Al Udeid Air Base

U.S. Military hides air base locations for ISIS airstrikes

Source: Star Tribune The U.S. military is relying on bases in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere in the Middle East to carry out airstrikes in Iraq, but it is masking the locations and...

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bilde (3)

NATO to develop Eastern European ‘spearhead’

Source: The News Pl “We have something already called the NATO response force whose purpose is to be able to be deployed rapidly if needed. Now it’s our intention to develop what I...

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NATO: We Need to Be Ready for Armed military personnel without sovereign insignia, who create unrest, occupy government buildings, incite local populations, train and provide tactical advice to separatists

Editor’s Note: Not if, but when unrest spreads across the streets of America, will the Washington Elites and Pentagon echelon move forward with military operations against “Armed military personnel without sovereign insignia, who create...

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Ukraine Foreign Minister Calls on NATO, EU to Give Military Support

Source: Reuters Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin called on NATO and the European Union to provide military support for Ukrainian troops fighting pro-Russian separatists and said the Western military alliance needed to come...

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600 U.S.-based soldiers will deploy to Europe

Source: Army Times About 600 soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team will rotate into Europe in October as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The soldiers from Fort Hood, Texas,...

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Trans-Sahel ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations

Source: Defence Web The Sahel-Sahara region is the ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations, prompting major transitions in US and French military positioning, according to a new report.Commissioned by the Remote Control Project,...

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Russia Fears Prompt NATO to Look East for HQ

Source: Atlantic Council The shift in posture is being proposed by General Philip Breedlove, Nato’s top commander in Europe. He plans to recommend placing supplies — weapons, ammunition and ration packs — at the...

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The age of stillborn

Sci-fi Writers Predicted Civil War in Ukraine

Editor’s Note:Intelligence Officers have to be very aware of these novels since Fyodor Berezin is Defense Minister and commander of the Armed forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. Related Article-The Spy Novelist Who Knows...

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USS Stennis

Should U.S. Act Unilaterally To Protect The Smaller Nations Of The South China Sea?

Source: Forbes The Philippines, Vietnam and the United States would benefit by more aggressively defending 200-mile exclusive economic zones in the South China Sea, including through unilateral military measures. If unanswered by significant and...

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latvia nato

NATO to set up Latvia Strategic Communications Propaganda Center to Counter Russia

Source: Itar-Tass Officials of Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Britain, and Germany have signed a memorandum on setting up NATO’s center for strategic communications in Riga, the capital of Latvia.  A report released...

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SACEUR Gen. Breedlove to dispatch forces from U.S. to Europe to respond to Russia in Ukraine

Source: McClatchy NATO’s top military commander said Monday that American troops from the United States will be dispatched to Europe starting in October to help respond to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Air Force...

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donbass battalion

Right Sector Donbass Paramilitary Battalion prepares to save Ukraine from separatists

Source: aljazeera [...] The Donbass Battalion is named after the country’s heavily industrialized eastern region, now roiled in a brutal war between pro-Moscow rebels and an underfunded and poorly equipped Ukrainian military. But the...

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Norway Wants NATO To Prepare For An Arctic Showdown

Source: Business Insider Australia Even Norway, ensconced in the most developed corner of the world, is worried about conflict with the Russians. Today, Stephen Saideman, a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa and a leading...

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NATO Commander Returns to Balkans Hunting for Albanian Oil

Editor’s Note: U.S. Military Operations, High Ranking Military commanders and Oil Corporations taking down governments of nations that just happen to have abundant petroleum resources + Gas, Uranium, Iron Ore, Gold, Rare Earths, Etc…. General Wesley Clark...

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