Eisenhower’s military-industrial warning rings truer than ever

                    Editor’s Note: My opinion,  Edward Snowden is a CIA operative not hiding out in Russia. An open CIA- NSA intelligence war: CIA- HUMINT vs NSA -SIGINT. Billions are being funneling… Continue Reading

Full Spectrum Dominance: Code Name for US Continual Wars

Source: aljazeerah.info James Madison issued a warning to America in 1795 of the effects of continual war: “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of… Continue Reading

NATO and the “phantom menace”: a pretext for global expansion

Source: Voice of Russia Upcoming NATO military exercises envisage an attack on Poland and an Article 5 NATO intervention against a foreign power, to the dismay of Russia, these exercises continue the outdated “Cold War” thinking of the West, which… Continue Reading

A battleground for weapons of the future

Source: Reuters More than a week after a U.S.-Egyptian brokered ceasefire brought a fragile peace to Gaza, military analysts are busily assessing the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Their goal: Apply lessons from the eight-day battle to weaponry still in… Continue Reading