Eisenhower’s military-industrial warning rings truer than ever

                    Editor’s Note: My opinion,  Edward Snowden is a CIA operative not hiding out in Russia. An open CIA- NSA intelligence war: CIA- HUMINT vs NSA -SIGINT. Billions are being funneling… Continue Reading

Full Spectrum Dominance: Code Name for US Continual Wars

Source: aljazeerah.info James Madison issued a warning to America in 1795 of the effects of continual war: “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of… Continue Reading

NATO and the “phantom menace”: a pretext for global expansion

Source: Voice of Russia Upcoming NATO military exercises envisage an attack on Poland and an Article 5 NATO intervention against a foreign power, to the dismay of Russia, these exercises continue the outdated “Cold War” thinking of the West, which… Continue Reading

A battleground for weapons of the future

Source: Reuters More than a week after a U.S.-Egyptian brokered ceasefire brought a fragile peace to Gaza, military analysts are busily assessing the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Their goal: Apply lessons from the eight-day battle to weaponry still in… Continue Reading

Tuareg rebels say US, France supplied weapons to Mali troops via Malta

The NATO Mission into  Libya was successful. Why? Destabilization of  Africa.  —————————————————————————————————————————————————–   Source: Malta Today Tuareg rebels have accused France and the United States of using Malta to provide “urgent military aid” to Mali in a bid to save… Continue Reading

US to have airbases, special forces in Afghan post 2014:Senator Charles Schumer

Source: Economic Times U.S. will continue to maintain air bases and special forces in Afghanistan post-2014 to ensure that the Taliban never comes back, a top American Senator said today. “There will be a follow-on force post-2014 with air bases… Continue Reading