The Rise of Private Military Companies (Part 2/2)

Source: Fair Observer The changing climate of warfare, growing instability and increased globalization have created a market for PMC services. [Read part one here.] The role of private military companies (PMC) ranges from security to training to participating directly in combat as auxiliary… Continue Reading

Russian Blackwater: Moscow PMCs will be licensed and controlled by the FSB

Source: The Russian government is working on a plan for the establishment of private security forces. It is assumed that these non-state actors will be involved in politically sensitive situations  Russian lawmakers and military are working on a bill that has… Continue Reading

Foreign intelligence behind attack on army border post: Egypt

Source: Capital FM Unidentified militants firing rocket propelled grenades and machine-guns attacked a checkpoint in Egypt’s western desert last Saturday. “Foreign intelligence services are likely to be behind the terrorist elements which carried out” the attack, interior ministry spokesman Hani… Continue Reading

Hornet’s Nest: Snowden confirms that Al Baghdadi was trained by MOSSAD

  Editor’s Note: Since the extensive cache of  Snowden documents are in safe keeping of Journalists and News Organizations (Guardian,WP,NYT ), I find hard to believe any documents relating to the Hornet’s Nest will ever come to light. It is suspect that… Continue Reading