The Rise of Private Military Companies (Part 2/2)

Source: Fair Observer The changing climate of warfare, growing instability and increased globalization have created a market for PMC services. [Read part one here.] The role of private military companies (PMC) ranges from security to training to participating directly in combat as auxiliary… Continue Reading

Russian Blackwater: Moscow PMCs will be licensed and controlled by the FSB

Source: The Russian government is working on a plan for the establishment of private security forces. It is assumed that these non-state actors will be involved in politically sensitive situations  Russian lawmakers and military are working on a bill that has… Continue Reading

Foreign intelligence behind attack on army border post: Egypt

Source: Capital FM Unidentified militants firing rocket propelled grenades and machine-guns attacked a checkpoint in Egypt’s western desert last Saturday. “Foreign intelligence services are likely to be behind the terrorist elements which carried out” the attack, interior ministry spokesman Hani… Continue Reading

Hornet’s Nest: Snowden confirms that Al Baghdadi was trained by MOSSAD

  Editor’s Note: Since the extensive cache of  Snowden documents are in safe keeping of Journalists and News Organizations (Guardian,WP,NYT ), I find hard to believe any documents relating to the Hornet’s Nest will ever come to light. It is suspect that… Continue Reading

Ukraine submits evidence of Russian covert action

Editor’s Note: What I find interesting is the US/EU based new sources are quick to disseminate information regarding Russia’s involvement in Eastern Ukraine, but quickly dismiss US/EU  operations in all of Ukraine as nothing more than a farce and a complete fabrication. Source… Continue Reading

Former Czech intelligence chief: “wouldn’t be surprised” at Czech and Pole mercenary claims in Ukraine

Source: Radio Prague Pro-Russian rebels operating in the far east of Ukraine have announced the capture of dozens of foreign mercenaries fighting on behalf of the government, including several Czechs and Poles. While Czech authorities insist they have no knowledge… Continue Reading

About 300 Ukrainian mercenaries from Syria fighting with battalion of Right Sector in south-eastern Ukraine

Source: Itar Tass About 300 Ukrainian mercenaries who fought in Syria on the opposition side against Bashar Assad returned to Ukraine in March-April and are now participating in the punitive operation of Ukrainian government forces in the southeast of Ukraine,… Continue Reading

German Intelligence Service (BND): 400 Academi mercenaries fighting in eastern Ukraine against Russian separatists

Source: Der Spiegel Translated Editor’s Note: We have CIA and FBI paramilitary operatives heavily involved in aiding a broken, weak and incompetent Kiev government with little to no experience in regime change or any productive covert revolutionary military activities. The Ukrainian… Continue Reading

The Middle East we must confront in future will be a Mafiastan ruled by money

                Source: Independent Saudi Arabia is giving $3bn – yes, £2bn, and now let’s have done with exchange rates – to the Pakistani government of Nawaz Sharif. But what is it for? Pakistani… Continue Reading

The other flashpoints around the globe about to boil over

                  Source: Popular Mechanics Sweden War fears have gripped Sweden. This week, the head of counterintelligence for the Swedish security service, called Säpo, accused Russia of an intense spy campaign against their… Continue Reading