U.S. Special Forces and British SAS land on Iraq’s Mt Sinjar

  Editor’s Note:Mt Sinjar is a strategic geographic location for NATO special operational forces to conduct ISR missions of ISIS and evacuate civilians. I am still no sure how bad the situation is on the ground since most media reports… Continue Reading

Oil a key motive for U.S. air strikes in Iraq

Source: SF Gate This week’s U.S. air strikes in northern Iraq are being accompanied with an undertow of “it’s all about oil” talk. Take for example, Columbia School of Journalism Dean Steve Coll’s observation in the New Yorker, that “Obama’s defense… Continue Reading

130 Marines and special operations forces sent to Irbil in Kurdish-controlled territory

Source: Military Times The military has sent 130 advisers to northern Iraq to plan for the evacuation of refugees under siege by Islamic militants, according to a senior Defense Department official. The Marines and special operations forces have been sent… Continue Reading

C.I.A. supplying weapons to Iraqi Kurds to pushback militants

Editor’s Note:   CIA operators on the ground in the region gathering intelligence and delivering weapons to ISIS fighting in Syria. This is either straight forward blowback or a pre-planned destabilization of the entire region to start a multi-nation war. Syria is a stalemate –ISIS… Continue Reading

Baghdad must accept Kirkuk is now part of Kurdistan—KRG official

Source: Aawsat London, Asharq Al-Awsat—The federal government in Baghdad must now accept that Kirkuk is a part of the autonomous Kurdistan region, a senior Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) official has said, echoing earlier comments by Kurdish President Massoud Barzani. Speaking exclusively to Asharq… Continue Reading

Israel is fighting a regional war in Syria

Source: RT The changing internal situation in Syria is putting a new set of plans into motion, which involve Israeli aggression against Syria. Not only have the US and its allies been trying to militarily buttress the retreating anti-government militias,… Continue Reading

Battle for Qusair raises threat of Syria partition

Source: France 24 More than two years after the conflict began, Syria today is totally transformed. While experts discuss the threat of partition, on the ground, Syria is effectively a divided country. “What the country is experiencing today is in… Continue Reading

Turkey takes a big leap forward over energy security

Source: National Last month I wrote how Turkey needed to rebuild constructive relations with its energy-rich neighbours. Two dramatic announcements later, and it seems to have done just that. But big obstacles still lie in the way of improving Turkish… Continue Reading