Israel’s nuclear strategy – a larger role for submarine-basing

Source: Jerusalem Post Although Israel’s current security emphases following Operation Protective Edge lie most plainly in counter-terrorism operations, this should not obscure the Jewish State’s overriding obligation to deter WMD attacks by enemy states, including, in the future,  nuclear blows… Continue Reading

Israeli Special Forces Maglan Unit (Unit 212) operating behind enemy lines and deep in Hamas territory

Editor’s Note: Hamas Guerrilla Units are no match to Maglan Units technologies and heavy weapons Source: Jerusalem Post Operating behind enemy lines, unit has destroyed series of high-quality Hamas targets; Source: Hamas cells are abandoning their positions and have a… Continue Reading

Analysis: Gaza’s treacherous dunes – tunnel warfare

Source: I24 News […] Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, along with the rest of the small and renegade groups inspired by Al-Qaida, have lost over 100 militants since the ground assault began and another 170 since the beginning of Operation… Continue Reading

Hornet’s Nest: Snowden confirms that Al Baghdadi was trained by MOSSAD

  Editor’s Note: Since the extensive cache of  Snowden documents are in safe keeping of Journalists and News Organizations (Guardian,WP,NYT ), I find hard to believe any documents relating to the Hornet’s Nest will ever come to light. It is suspect that… Continue Reading