Kastelorizo Island: The main strategic objective of the Turkish Armed Forces

            Source: dimokratiki.gr Translated The island has no natural water sources, besides the large cistern located right next to the airport, or some extensive beaches. The only port (length of 370 meters and a width of 250… Continue Reading

A Southern Strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean

    Source:  Arutz Sheva The U.S., Israel, Greece, and Cyprus can enhance cooperation. The U.S. should leverage its growing and warming military ties with both Israel and Greece to repel Russia’s growing influence in the littoral states. The Old… Continue Reading

With Natural Gas Fields in the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel Now Has a New Front: the Sea

Source: Tablet Israel is beginning to realize the benefits of the recent discovery of 36 trillion cubic feet of gas off its coast in the eastern Mediterranean, mainly in the Tamar and Leviathan gas fields, located near Haifa. But the… Continue Reading

Cyprus: Hub of a Globe-Spanning Web of Power Politics

Source: Arutz Sheva The Republic of Cyprus has made headlines this month. In the ever more combustible eastern Mediterranean that should come as no surprise. Unfortunately for Cyprus, and America’s allies, Greece and Israel, the news did not concern the… Continue Reading

NABUCCO VS. SOUTH STREAM Russia won the long battle of pipeline politics, but now what does it do?

Source: Quartz Russia has won a big round in an almost two-decade battle with the West over the flow of natural gas from the Caspian Sea. But the June 28 victory is a mixed one for Moscow, for it helps… Continue Reading

The big energy game in Mediterranean

Source: hurriyet daily news The British Petroleum company announced on June 28 that the natural gas from Azerbaijan’s Caspian Sea fields of Shah Deniz will be connected to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) via the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) for European… Continue Reading

Pipelineistan – 3 Energy Pipelines That Could Shake Up Geopolitics

Source: NJ Three of the most volatile parts of the Middle East—Iran, Iraq and Israel—are the scene of oil and gas initiatives that could shake up geopolitics there and beyond. The efforts center on three energy pipelines, at least two… Continue Reading

Oil and natural gas mania in the Mediterranean Sea

Source: Equities For millennia, the Mediterranean Sea has been the battleground of empires where epoch-making sea battles along its crenellated coast changed the course of history, where Islam and Christianity fought a ferocious war for supremacy. These days, the land-locked… Continue Reading

Mediterranean energy wars:Greece Considers Exclusive Zone in Offshore Gas Fields

Source: Al Monitor The discovery of oil and natural gas at the basin of the eastern Mediterranean Sea has taken the genie out of the bottle. Now Greece wants to strike against Turkish interests by claiming full sovereignty over this… Continue Reading