‘Polish-American alliance complete bullshit’ says foreign minister

Source: the news pl In exerts released ahead of the Monday edition of the magazine, which last week published tapes of damaging and embarrassing conversations by a central banker and ministers, among others, Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski is reported to… Continue Reading

Russia Resets its Foot in Afghanistan

Source: Asia Sentinel  Bloodied by a decade-long war, Moscow gingerly seeks to expand its influence More than two decades since a humiliating departure from Afghanistan after a misguided adventure that helped to wreck the Soviet Union, Russia has been gradually… Continue Reading


Source: Diplomatic Courier The economic growth of a nation, under certain conditions, can lead to a simultaneously expansionist foreign policy designed to ensure the establishment of its commercial and military influence in strategic regions of the globe. The astonishing economic… Continue Reading

Can America Stop Russia’s Energy “Pivot” To Asia?

Source: National Interest […] Relations with China are critical to another piece of Putin’s pipeline strategy—his plan to penetrate the Indian energy market. Russia and India are negotiating the construction of a $30 billion pipeline—the most expensive ever—to connect Russia’s Altai… Continue Reading

Viewpoint: India risks destabilising Afghanistan

Source: BBC India’s decision last week to pay for arms and equipment from Russia to boost the strength of the Afghan National Army (ANA) could be a dramatic game-changer in the region – as well as a step fraught with… Continue Reading

Russia Will No Longer Tell Lithuania About Kaliningrad Weaponry, Which May Include Nukes

              Source: The Trumpet Moscow unilaterally suspended a deal on May 5, under which it had agreed to provide information to Lithuania about Russian weapons and armed forces in the region of Kaliningrad. The… Continue Reading

East Africa’s new great oil game

          Source: Africa Report Four leaders dominate the East African diplomatic chess-board, its diplomacy, its soldiering and its business interests. With new railways and road networks, together with new pipelines and electric power grids, they are… Continue Reading