Is Afghanistan India and Pakistan’s Proxy Battlefield?

Source: Sharnoff’s global views India has traditionally enjoyed good relations with Afghanistan. However when Afghanistan came under Taliban rule in 1994, India severed relations. India supported the Northern Alliance against the Taliban. After 9/11, the United States attacked Afghanistan and the Taliban regime collapsed.… Continue Reading

Pakistani-Saudi Role in Financing, Training “Jaish al-Adl” Active in Iran’s Sistan

Source: Abna A new mysterious group calling itself the “Army of Right” launched an attack in the Iranian province of Sistan after a truce that lasted more than three years following the arrest of “Abdul Malik Rigi” by the Iranian… Continue Reading

Afghan intelligence agency involved in Balochistan unrest

Source: Frontier Post Pakistan intelligence sources have claimed that they have authenticated evidence of involvement of Afghan secret agencies in Balochistan unrest and important members of terrorists have also been arrested. The held terrorists during the interrogation in Chaman have… Continue Reading

Balochistan: Pakistan’s ‘Dirty War’ In Its Poorest, Most Lawless, But Resource-Rich Province

Source: IBT In the latest grim chapter of the seemingly ceaseless violence scarring Pakistan’s vast Balochistan province, the bullet-riddled bodies of three migrant workers who had been kidnapped were found near the port city of Gwadar on Thursday. According to a report… Continue Reading

New stakeholders: IP gas pipeline could be extended to China

Source: Tribune PK Setting aside fierce US opposition to the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project, in a strategic move, the pipeline may be stretched and connected to western China as Islamabad and Beijing have made it part of the planned… Continue Reading

How to Make Proxy War Succeed in Baluchistan

Source: Kashmir Watch This article published in India’s official “Defence Review” confirms that the creation of Bangladesh was the result of an Indian military operation and that the “Mukti Bahini” largely comprised of Bengali soldiers of Indian forces. India hopes… Continue Reading

Gwadar: the future trade hub of the world?

Source: Pakistan Today The government is considering giving Gwadar a status similar to Hong Kong in terms of special business incentives. This vision aims to turn tides on the region’s economic horizon. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his recent visit… Continue Reading