State Dept.: Al Qaeda in Iraq fighting in Syria

Source: CBS News

The State Department confirmed Tuesday that terrorists from al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq have migrated into neighboring Syria to fight amid the ongoing unrest between President Bashar Assad and the opposition.

“Terrorists gravitate toward areas of instability and civil strife,” Ambassador-at-large Daniel Benjamin told reporters during an afternoon news conference in Washington.

The migration of militants signals a new opportunity for the Sunni-Muslim group to fight against a government led by a rival sect. Al Qaeda in Iraq continues to fight against Iraq’s Shiite-led government; Assad follows the Shiite-offshoot Alawite sect.

Benjamin referred to the presence of al Qaeda in Iraq in Syria as “a matter of concern” but emphasized that the “overwhelming majority” of the opposition are Syrians and that the number of Qaeda fighters in Syria are “relatively small.”

Specifically, Benjamin said the State Department was concerned that Qaeda fighters would attempt to infiltrate Syrian rebel groups and was less worried that they would make overt attempts to collude with opposition fighters.

FYI: The state department is funding/providing weapons and logistics to both the Free Syrian Rebels as well as Al Qaeda. Can anyone tell us who is really operating in Syria? Nope! It is all propaganda. Related: We’ve Always Been at War with Eastasia and German Intelligence: “al-Qaeda” All Over Syria



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