Sketches of Secret Gov’t Surveillance Technology Discovered

Source: New American

In July The New American reported an announcement posted on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) website seeking “trailblazers” willing to “take the road less traveled” and “participate in a short-fuse, crucible-style environment to invent new approaches to the identification of people, places, things and activities from still or moving defense and open-source imagery.”

On September 28, the super-secret research and development arm of the Pentagon reported some of the early “innovative” ideas being kicked around by the six teams chosen to live and labor in the “DARPA Innovation House.” The disclosures, although brief, are very frightening and portend the rapid growth of a powerful federal government able to keep citizens under its watchful eye wherever they go.

Before the big reveal, DARPA program manager Mike Geertsen laid out the program’s purpose and procedures:

This experiment allows thinkers from diverse fields to zero in on focused area of research for eight weeks. We are examining how collaboration among different disciplines can yield game-changing technologies. For instance, our participants include computer engineers, data architects and imagery analysts. We have thrown them in with a robotics expert from NASA, visual artists and neuroscientists. If this model proves to be successful, it represents a new means of tackling some of the hard problems in government-sponsored research.

Geertsen then provided brief descriptions of six proposals made by the participants. Those with a background in relevant areas of science are encouraged to click on the hyperlinked titles of the proposals to read more thorough reports on the development of these technologies. Those without such training, however, will benefit from even a cursory reading of these papers.

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