Secret US ‘Jedi’ ghost-copters kept out of bin Laden raid

The top-secret “Stealth Hawk” helicopters aboard which elite US Navy SEAL operatives travelled into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden were by no means the most sophisticated aircraft available, according to a new book on the operation. Apparently, even stealthier “Ghost Hawks” – also known as “Jedi rides” – were kept out of the mission as it was feared that the secrets of their advanced technology might be revealed to other nations…

It will signify that the secret super-copters – if they really exist in a distinct sense – have more and better low-observable radar tech than the downed Stealth Hawk. However, even multi-hundred-million-dollar stealth fighters aren’t actually invisible to radar and the job of concealing a helicopter is hugely more difficult than hiding a jet. The Ghost Hawk might, like the Stealth Hawk, have special blades, and shields over particular radar traps such as rotor hubs. It might perhaps make use of special radar-absorbent coatings, not particularly in evidence on the Abottabad wreck. But like any other helicopter the Ghost Hawk’s primary means of avoiding detection by radar will be flying extremely low, below the horizon of ground radar stations….

“Zero electromagnetic radiation” could mean that Pfarrer believes the Ghost Hawk doesn’t emit heat, which would be useful if true for evading detection by infrared-search-and-track (IRST) networks or the seeker heads of shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles. However total suppression of heat signature in an aircraft which must be powered by turboshaft engines is impossible. It might be, however, that the Ghost Hawk uses specially designed exhausts – and perhaps dumps some heat into its fuel, like a stealth fighter – to cut its thermal signature significantly below that of a normal chopper.

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