The SAS has been fighting Al Qaeda militants in Yemen. Our elite servicemen are thought to have been involved in hunting leaders of Al Qaeda In The ­Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), ­targeting bomb-makers.


The SAS and the CIA are striking back against Al Qaeda in Yemen by monitoring the movements of suspected terrorists and supplying information for drone strikes. Last Wednesday night in the town of Jaar, an Al Qaeda stronghold in the Abyan province, a drone killed eight ­militants. Intelligence suggested the group had been meeting to discuss renewed terrorist outrages. One of the group, called Jallad, had been in charge of supplying arms for AQAP fighters in Yemen.

On April 22, the financier of Yemen’s Al Qaeda, Mohammed Said al-Omda, also known as Abu Gharib Taizi, was killed in an air strike in the northeast of the country. He was considered AQAP’s number four.

A week before that, a US drone destroyed a vehicle carrying Al Qaeda terrorists in Bayda, some 130 miles south-east of the capital Sana’a, killing three leaders. One was Abu Hamza al-Sabri, referred to as the “Emir (prince) of Bayda”.

The drone strikes are seen as the prelude to an all-out offensive on Al Qaeda strongholds by the SAS and US troops.

However, while military action intensifies in Yemen, there are fears this may provoke agents in Britain to mount attacks during the Olympics in July.

Russian secret agents last week smashed a plot by Islamist Chechen separatists to attack the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

Portable surface-to-air missiles, grenade launchers, flame throwers, rifles, explosives and maps were seized.

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Phantom Report Notes:

The intel is minimal however it is becoming apparent that US and British forces are active in Yemen.

U.S. security team [CIA and Special Forces] attacked in Yemen, bomb injures 22

Pentagon sending trainers back into Yemen

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