Report “Can a Military Coup Occur in the GCC Countries? A Guide to a Military Coup”

Source: Yahoo News

The Center for American and Arab Studies announced today the release of its report on prospects of coup d’etats in the Arab countries in the Gulf, known as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The report comes as a result of intensive research exploring the various elements and components of the current state of affairs. Under the subtitle “A Guide to a Military Coup,” it outlines a road map and potential scenarios for implementing a coup, and identifies the vulnerabilities of each member state of the Council.

The report is based on a wealth of available data of the demographic makeup of each GCC country, including Saudi Arabia. The answer is contained in succinct finding by challenging the popular perspective, that “Military Coups in the GCC States Are More Fiction than Fact.”

The report author, Mounzer Sleiman, Ph.D., pointed to the rumored unsuccessful coup attempt earlier this year in Qatar, and noted that the state of linear allegiances in the collective militaries is based on tribal affiliation, royalty status and noticeable disparity in benefits and promotions. He concluded:

“Nowadays, GCC countries may be entering a new phase where a pattern of military coups is more likely to occur as a venue for change, since other methods for reform are prohibited, including public protests.”

The Center for American and Arab Studies is an independent Washington-based think tank dedicated to monitor U.S. based Think Tanks community seeking to provide a reliable source of expertise analyzing factors of U.S. domestic and foreign policy affecting the Arab World.

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SOURCE The Center for American and Arab Studies

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