Remember that MP3? The ITU police are en-route

Source: Voice of Russia

In a very quiet release of information the Internet Warriors and “Hacktivist” Group Anonymous, has informed the world of one of the tools that will be used to bring this about. If you have ever downloaded a song for example, or transferred it to your cute little harmless looking MP3 player, or listened to it off a USB flash drive in your car, or copied it to another computer, or God forbid, shared it with a friend, this applies to you. You are a criminal, you have violated US law and they will come after you.

The ITU was originally known as the International Telegraph Union a United Nations agency responsible for controlling information and communication technologies. The ITU’s activities include global coordination of the use of the radio spectrum, cooperation in determining satellite orbits, telecommunication infrastructure development in the developing world, and assistance to countries in the development and coordination of worldwide technical standards.

Their sphere of influence includes the entire planet and every user of the World Wide Web is affected by their decisions, so it is alarming that they would meet in secret and that the contents of their work would only be made public via an Anonymous “secret document” release.

The technology that was approved and discussed at the conference and has internet freedom proponents up in arms is called the Deep Packet Inspection Standard (DPI), it is a crucially important technology for the mass world-wide surveillance of the internet.

Some immediate uses of the DPI, according to the ITU and Anonymous include: technology for tracking and identifying the users and sources of the BitTorrent system (used for transferring films, programs, music and almost anything else electronic), identifying and tracking copyrighted material (including music, video, electronic books, photographs, etc.), identifying the exact content and nature of transferred files and their source, blocking and controlling Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages used in video and audio communications uplinks, measuring and eventually controlling Jabber traffic (In Spanish for some reason. Jabber was originally called Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) this is communications protocol for message-oriented software based on XML Extensible Markup Language used extensively by social networks VoIP communications and gaming traffic) and finally identifying source and controlling VoIP itself (VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol), used in such things as voice communications and SMS communications over the internet.

Without getting too technical, in brief this will make almost anything and everything you do over the internet subject to even easier inspection and monitoring and in the end prosecution by, (Who else?) the US and its surrogates.

According to several hackers on Anonymous forums, the DPI will effectively make it easier to monitor, prohibit, identify and control the net, and as one individual put it “These standards would lower the learning curve for the NOC (NOC stands for Network Operations Center, a location where a network is monitored and controlled) monkeys considerably,” meaning their knowledge of scripts and networking technology and other tools will have to be much less.

We know that the World Wide Web was first developed to hide a global military network which still exists today and that one reason Bill Gates became so rich was that his “Windows” platform, with its secret source code, contained secret backdoors for the government which allows the spying on any computer connected to the internet, so now this will be taken to the next level and allow for them to openly go after anyone they see fit.

With the role of the US as the world’s policeman expanded so it is now an out of control super-power unilaterally engaged in extra-judicial executions, launching invasions at will and a million other practices that subjugate and enslave the world, the day will soon come when: if a user in Bora-Bora downloads an MP3, he may get a knock on the door, or perhaps he will be fined on the spot and his bank account will be hit for the cost of the “violation”.

If you say, “Hey, all my software is legal, so what?” you will need to worry about everyone you come into contact with. What if someone sends you an “illegal” attachment? You will be liable. What if someone you are talking to on Skype mentions the words “president” and “bomb” in the same conversation? You will be under surveillance. No matter where you are or who you happen to be.

One telling aspect of the ITU’s meeting was the list of who was not allowed to attend, according to RT such “deviant” organizations as Google, Facebook and Twitter, and what was not allowed to be discussed; namely proposals from countries the world over who will be affected by yet another unilateral US decision.

Apparently is it not enough for the US Government that Facebook was forced to provide the CIA with its own special interface, they want more, they want complete and total control of the entire pie.

In this day and age of continual aggressive invasions and the continued distribution and attempted distribution of false information to facilitate support for such heinous acts, the internet is the last resort for many the world over to learn the truth about what is really happening. For Americans, apart from foreign media, the internet is the only place where they can actually learn what is really happening.

A government that is afraid of information being shared is a government that is engaged in evil. They need to control you, because they are afraid of you, they need to shut you down because they are afraid of what you might learn, that what they are doing is illegal and that they are engaged in crimes against all humanity.

Imagine a day when you attach a retinal scanner to your eye, and a device reads the chip implanted in your skull before you log onto your computer, to write a letter to your mother that may be rejected by Carnivore and the NSA because you accidently wrote bomb and president in the same sentence. Imagine you are then locked to your seat, by hidden steel restraints that immobilize you so the authorities can come and take you away. Or imagine you are sent a song and begin to listen only to have a warning pop up on the screen advising you to stay where you are the copyright police are on the way, sound fantastic? Not really just the next logical step.

Rather than using encryption and other technologies to make file sharing impossible they want to criminalize it, and more importantly, criminalize you, then they will have the “right” to take away your freedom and whatever else you have that they desire.

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