Raytheon software can monitor world media 24/7

Source: Fox News

It’s amazing technology, stuff deployed operationally since 2004 by the Department of Defense for a variety of purposes, including open-source intelligence, information operations, public affairs and PsyOps.

Raytheon’s BBN Broadcast Monitoring System automatically captures foreign media and deploys state of the art technology to translate, transcribe and analyze those video and audio streams in real time. It can spare a human some of the tedious and time consuming work by automatically sifting through the vast volume of foreign language news.

“Machines are good at looking for things and humans are good at analyzing … [it’s the] perfect bionic combination,” explained program director Prem Natarajan, head of speech and language processing at Raytheon BBN Technologies. “The machine does what it’s good at and the human does what it’s good at.”

How Does It Work?

On the computer screen, the user’s view of the BBN Broadcast Monitoring System shows a transcript in both the original language and English. The system automatically transcribes the real-time audio stream and translates it into English, even punctuating appropriately.

Both the transcript and translation are searchable and synchronized to the video. It also automatically recognizes entities such as people and places, further enhancing accuracy and enabling advanced analysis.

The interface allows users to quickly search for specific spoken content in the video archive up to one year of broadcasts through keyword queries in English or the source language.

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