Predicted: In 15 Years, 90% of News Stories Will Be Written by Algorithms

If you have not figured it out yet, the news is already scripted with lies and truth. Whether the news is produced by algorithms or journalists, it is a script intertwined with deception and rabbit holes. A guide to direct the reader in the wrong direction.


We’ve already begun to see a trickle of computer-authored journalism. Prepare yourself for the flood: In 15 years time, more than 90 percent of news will be written by an algorithm, predicts Kristian Hammond, the CTO and cofounder of Narrative Science, according to a fascinating new profile of the company by Steven Levy in Wired (definitely recommended-reading in full).

What about the jobs? Those poor, wretched journalists who will be thrown out on the street to fend for themselves among the remains of other 20th-century industries? What will become of them?

But it’s not a zero-sum game in which one robot-produced story shoves a work of the human brain out the door. Rather, the “universe” of news stories is expanding, and the algorithms of Narrative Science are there to meet the latent demand for news too costly for humans to craft……

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