On U.S.-Armenia Military Cooperation

Source: Lragir

A strategy is not something that is written down in published doctrines and forecasts but something which is not declared in any form, neither now, nor 49 years later.

The South Caucasus has basically appeared within the format of the American regional strategy. Armenia is not a price for the U.S. anti-Russian policy but a viable though non-primary factor restraining Turkey’s regional ambitions.

The United States and Armenia are successfully negotiating economic and legal issues but cooperation on defense is means as far as the organizational plan is known.

However, it is time when Armenia needs to start the discussion of support of weapon. The United States and NATO partners participate in supply of weapons to the other states of the South Caucasus one way or another. The United States cannot ignore the interests of Armenia in a situation when Russia and the United States supply weapon to Azerbaijan as part of regular cooperation.

The United States initiated the normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations and failed, but the United States has got additional levers of pressure on Turkey. However, in the result of these negotiations the situation in the region is tense, and it would be logical to expect military assistance from the United States, even if limited, to maintain the balance of forces in the region.

The Obama administration has not initiated anything and Armenia has not attempted to negotiate with the United States. NATO’s programs in which Armenia participates successfully bring very little for the defense of the country.

The policy of the United States, United Kingdom and other states has enabled Azerbaijan to get immense profit from oil extraction which is the reason for the dangerous situation in the region. The United States and NATO have no real levers to prevent military actions in the region and nobody takes seriously all the possible talks and statements, including Russia’s statements.

When serious political relations are meant, including for defense, the United States could review its own stance and set to provide military assistance to Armenia. Any argument relating to the current conditions of military cooperation of Armenia with Russia and the CSTO or in terms of the Karabakh conflict is a futile attempt to set forward empty arguments.

The issue of military assistance from the United States and NATO member states must be discussed on the political arena of these countries. There are certain political resources for that.

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