No-Fly Zone To Be Enforced By Shoot-To-Kill Order During NATO Summit

The US government/NATO failed to convince [lie] the globe of implementing a no fly zone in Syria, so the next option. A Shoot-To-Kill no fly zone in Chicago for 2012 NATO Summit.

FYI: Blackhawk Training Excercises in Chicago Skies for Upcoming NATO Summit

Long-range acoustic device will be deployed in Chicago for NATO summit protestors

Source: 2 CBS Chicago

Plans to keep residents and dignitaries safe during the NATO Summit include a no-fly zone, with a shoot-to-kill warning for those who break the ban.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the government is informing small plane pilots that if they enter the no-fly zone during the summit, they might be shot down.

Read More:2 CBS Chicago

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