NCP official says “Mossad spies” assisted strike on car in Port Sudan

Source: Sudan Tribune

The head of the NCP’s organization liaison office, Sidiq Hamid, told the privately-owned Arabic daily newspaper Al-Sudani on Wednesday that the precision with which the missile attack was carried out indicates the involvement of information provided by “weak people” cooperation with the Mossad.

Sudan’s foreign minister Ali Karti has said that the attack which took place on Tuesday’s morning bears resemblance to previous attacks by Israel in the region. The attack killed the car driver who is a famous businessmen and chieftain of a local tribe.

Israel neither admitted nor denied responsibility for a similar attack that hit a car in Port Sudan in April 2011 but it is widely known that the Jewish State designates eastern Sudan as a route for smuggling arms to Gaza through Sinai desert in Egypt.

Hamid said that security apparatus would intensify their efforts to uncover Mossad spies in the east.

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