Lessons in patriotism for Hong Kong children

Hong Kong education chiefs are seeking to make classes on Chinese patriotism compulsory for school children, sparking fears of political brainwashing.

Under the proposed initiative, students will take 50 hours of lessons per year that focus on “building national harmony, identity and unity among individuals”, a spokeswoman from the city’s Education Bureau told AFP Friday.

The idea will be subject to a four-month consultation period with the public, she added, and will be implemented in primary schools starting next year and in secondary schools from 2013 if approved.

There will be no exams, but classes will assess if pupils “feel happy to be Chinese” or “consider the needs of the country when planning their future”, according to guidelines posted on the website of the Education Bureau.

The scheme is aimed at helping students “develop a sense of belonging to the motherland”, “support national sports teams” and “appreciate Chinese culture”.

Guidelines do not say whether politically sensitive issues such as the 1989 Tiananmen massacre will be on the agenda.

Lee Chack-fan, chairman of a special committee set up to oversee the implementation of the classes, said the curriculum focuses on “developing positive values and attitudes to enhance personal and national qualities”.

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Phantom Report: Belonging to the motherland = social engineering = brainwashing = human drones

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