Is it just China buying land worldwide? India, Saudi Arabia, US Universities…?

There is no doubt China is investing large sums of money to purchase land worldwide to guarantee the Chinese mineral and agriculture rights. Newswire – The Evil Chinese are buying farmland worldwide, we must stop them.

Look, I am no fan of the Chinese government. Never have been, never will be. But, the corporate media might want to mention the other wealthy countries/corporations heavily invested in land grabbing the globe to outsource America.


Image: Aljazeera

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African land grab could lead to future water conflicts

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Source: Washington Post

China plants bitter seeds in South American farmland

Few were surprised when Venezuela announced a deal with China last week to restore 1.4 million acres of unproductive farmland across the oil-rich but impoverished South American nation.

China increasingly is buying farmland and agricultural companies in South America to feed its ever-growing population, currently estimated to be 1.34 billion.

The most important aspect of China’s agricultural investment in Latin America is that “it is a part of the increasing physical footprint of the People’s Republic of China that is just beginning to occur,” said Evan Ellis, an assistant professor at National Defense University in Washington.

Mr. Ellis said that “with the Chinese becoming mine owners, petroleum-field operators, factory managers and dam builders in Latin America,” China’s farming operations there “will immerse the Chinese, with their very different culture, in one of the most politically charged phenomena in the region – the relationship between the Latin American people and their land.”

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