Insitu Pacific new iRobot distributor

The Australian subsidiary of Insitu Inc. of the United States will be the new Australian distributor of unmanned ground vehicles by iRobot Corp.

Insitu said the relationship will simplify logistics and training for Australian and New Zealand customers seeking to acquire and operate the operationally proven UGVs provided by iRobot’s Government and Industrial Robots division.

Insitu Pacific has provided unmanned aircraft system services with the combat-proven ScanEagle UAS since 2009. Massachusetts company iRobot has delivered approximately 4,000 UGVs to military and civil defense forces worldwide including the SUGV, co-developed with Boeing for dismounted mobile operations and infantry missions, and iRobot PackBot, one of the most successful battle-tested robots in the world.

>> UPI

Phantom Report: We are living in a global panopticon patrolled by unmanned military robotics. Eventually autonomous military robots will be be patrolling the terrain and skies.

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