IDF admits to using cyber space to attack enemies

The IDF uses cyber space to gather intelligence, attack enemies and conduct various military operations, the military revealed on Sunday in a posting on its official website.

The rare announcement was the first time the IDF officially admitted it engages in cyberwarfare for offensive purposes. It also came a week after a new virus was discovered to have attacked Iran, widely presumed to have been developed by Israel.

The IDF’s Operations Directorate recently drafted a document describing and defining the purpose and use of cyberwarfare for the Israeli military.

According to the document, cyber space is viewed in the IDF as another battlefield like land, sea and the air.

“Professionally speaking, the IDF is fighting consistently and relentlessly in cyber space, is collecting intelligence and protecting the IDF networks as well,” the IDF said. “In addition and when needed, cyber space is also used to execute attacks and other information operations.”

The IDF said that the purpose of operations in cyber space included “ thwarting initiatives by Israel’s enemies to undermine the IDF’s and Israel’s operational freedom” in a wide-variety of conflicts.

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