Greece cuts 15,000 public sector jobs

Greece government [controlled and influenced by the elite]  has sold it’s sovereignty to corporations and bankers without the approval of the Greek populous.


GREECE has agreed to lay off 15,000 public sector workers by the end of 2012, a government minister said overnight, as international pressure mounts on Athens to agree on austerity measures needed to secure major new debt agreements.

The cuts will come either by abolishing or downsizing a number of public sector bodies, Administrative Reform Minister Dimitris Reppas said in a statement.

The announcement signalled a concession after meetings between Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and the country’s political leaders over a reform program demanded by the country’s creditors had been pushed back for another day. Party leaders remain at odds over broad wage cuts, one of the most politically sensitive demands issued by Greece’s creditors.

The country is scrambling to negotiate last minute details with officials from the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank — known as the troika — on the new loan program…

Apart from the layoffs the troika also has been demanding new cutbacks in government spending and steep cuts in supplemental pensions paid to retirees.

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