Forty years of a useless war on drugs

In maintaining our drug laws, the Government is in cahoots with the dealers. As Vidal put it forty years back: “Both the Bureau of Narcotics and the Mafia want strong laws against the sale and use of drugs because if drugs are sold at cost there would be no money in it for anyone. If there was no money for the Mafia, there would be no friendly playground pushers, and addicts would not commit crimes to pay for the next fix. If there was no money in it, the Bureau of Narcotics would wither away, something they are not about to do without a struggle.” Vidal asked “will anything sensible be done?” , and gave the answer, “of course not”.

That’s still the answer here, and so the alliance between the politicians, the police, and the drug dealers still holds firm. Who benefits? Silly question. We all know the answer.

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