Executives advocate a military approach to cybersecurity

A new study being released by a private Internet security company highlights cyberworld weaknesses when it comes to gathering intelligence on hackers and suggests that businesses take a more military-minded approach to defense.

The cybersecurity company CounterTack polled 100 information security executives at companies with revenues greater than $100 million. Nearly half of the respondents said their organization had been the victim of a targeted cyberattack within the past year.

Some 80% of those polled believe that taking a more military-minded approach to the cyberwar could benefit business, according to CounterTack CEO Neal Creighton, whose firm released the poll Monday. For Creighton, that means incorporating more military-style intelligence gathering into companies’ cyberworld defenses.

“We’re talking about that great intelligence real-time situational awareness,” said Creighton, who added that hackers will get into systems, and when they do, companies need to know in real time not only that the intrusion has occurred, but also what the hacker’s intentions are.

“Today’s attacks are very targeted, so when they come after you, they probably have something that no one else has seen before, so what we’re advocating is once they have penetrated the network, that you have technologies that look at behaviors based on what the attacker is going to do,” Creighton said.

CounterTack is one of several companies in the private sector that focus on gathering information on the threat as it is happening as a key strategy for defense, in addition to building effective firewalls.

But the CounterTack survey, though not a scientific one, found that those capabilities are lacking.

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