Egypt launches large-scale operation in northern Sinai

Source: Times of Israel


Egyptian authorities launched a large-scale operation Saturday against terror groups in northern Sinai. General Salah al Masri, commander of security forces in the region, said that the operation was meant to reinforce the security presence in the area and protect the peninsula’s gas pipeline, reported Voice of Israel radio.

Al Masri said that approximately 150 police officers — from special forces and other combat units — were sent into northern Sinai on Saturday.

Egyptian security officials said Israel had agreed to allow Egypt to send seven battalions into the peninsula, according to Haaretz, despite agreements between the two nations that prohibit sending military forces into the region.

In a related story, a rocket was discovered Saturday by the IDF in an open area in Eilat, according to Voice of Israel radio. It was apparently launched at the same time as another rocket that exploded overnight Wednesday in a residential area in the southern Israeli city.

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