Do We Need Another Nuclear Power Plant ?

Do we need another nuclear power plant?  The U.S government thinks this is an excellent idea. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission passed 4 to 1 to allow Atlanta-based Southern Company to build  two new nuclear power reactors at its existing Vogtle nuclear power plant south of Augusta ( Reuters ). We were bombarded with Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster coverage. WHAM, the nuclear reactors started exploding sending nuclear debris in and around the Fukushima prefecture. Coincidentally or deliberately  the media coverage dwindled and ceased to exist, except the information on the web [real or not real?]. People there is nothing here to see or harm you, go back inside and watch your brainwashing screens. The nuclear reactors exploded! I am not an expert on nuclear physics but I am not a fool and you would have to be a complete idiot to believe these masters of cover ups.


Video: RT

You be the judge, decide for yourself, be an individual and do not let the media make the decision for you.  Link to my posts from day one of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster

November 12, 2011 I posted a story from Mother Jones, Map: The Nuclear Bombs in Your Backyard . The interactive map provides locations to nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons plants and labs, and nuclear power plants located near you. By the looks of it from the map, I do not think the East Coast needs additional nuclear power plants.  Check out interactive nuke map



A nuclear power plant has not been built in 30 years. i.e. the current power plants are aging with the possibility of something going terribly wrong. An example of a something going terribly wrong recently occurred at the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  Radioactive Leak at California Nuclear Plant: Almost Caused a Melt Down

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