CIA: Operation Ajax, the Interactive Graphic Novel by Cognito Comics, to be Made Into Animated Motion Picture by BoomGen Studios

The revolutionary iPad app, CIA: Operation Ajax will soon become an animated feature film as Cognito Comics announces a new partnership with BoomGen Studios to expand the property into multiple media platforms.

Ajax has been turning heads since it was released almost a year ago, with the New York Times calling it “one of the coolest media experiences that I’ve seen on the iPad” just weeks after the beta release. Currently only on the Apple iPad, the graphic novel will also be coming to iPhone and Android in the next few months.

“After working in the video game industry for years, I wanted to bridge my love of technology and art to tell meaningful stories,” said Daniel Burwen, Creative Director and Founder of Cognito Comics. “The story of CIA: Operation Ajax is very relevant to our current political landscape and the power of the iPad allows us to weave actual history throughout the medium of the graphic novel.”

>> Source: PR Web

Operation Ajax Trailer from Cognito Comics on Vimeo.

>>Video: Cognito Comics

FYI: 1953 Iranian coup d’état

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