DARPA: Tanks in the future will not depend on armor but technology

Source: Tech Times Tanks are usually layered with a thick metal armor to shield them; however, this makes them massive, slow and not very agile. DARPA envisions the creation of an advanced agile...

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Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen.

The FBI uses malware to combat online anonymity

Editor’s Note: Anonymity already compromised if using TOR – TOR Originally sponsored by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory  Source: Engadget Online anonymity is a beautiful, terrible thing, so naturally governments and law enforcement types are eager to...

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Enduring Freedom

U.S. Army Looks to 3D Print Warheads

Source: 3D Prints There are so many amazing uses for 3D printing which have emerged over the last couple of years. From 3D printed medical models which have already saved numerous lives, to 3D printed prosthetics wwhich...

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Marine-revised squad x


Source: DARPA.mil Today’s dismounted squads use many different technologies to gather and share information. In many instances, however, these valuable but disparate inputs are not well integrated, leaving squad members without the degree...

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German agent ‘spying for US’

Source: TheLocal.de UPDATE: Media reports on Friday said that an employee of Germany’s foreign intelligence service is suspected of spying for Washington on a parliamentary panel probing US surveillance. Media reports on Friday...

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Analysis: How the UK connects to the US global drone network

            Source: Computer Weekly A Computer Weekly investigation subsequently established that the UK plays a crucial role in supporting the US military network by providing part of the core...

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A circuit board modeled on the human brain

              Source: Earth Sky Stanford bioengineers have developed a new circuit board modeled on the human brain, possibly opening up new frontiers in robotics and computing. For...

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FBI is said to gather data on foreign governments with hackers’ help

            Source: Brisbane Times An informant working for the FBI coordinated a 2012 campaign of hundreds of cyberattacks on foreign websites, including some operated by the governments of...

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DARPA Is Developing The Ultimate Autopilot System

        Source: Fast Company One of the problems the military faces with several decades of working aircraft is that the command interfaces are all slightly different, therefore requiring them to...

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Mesh Networks to avoid surveillance in Tunisia funded by U.S. State Department

          Editor’s Note: Any communication network funded by U.S. State Department and USAID  is a red flag. You should be asking yourself why the State Department is beta testing...

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Inside the Military’s New Office for Cyborgs:Biological Technology Office

                  Source: Defense One The ability to link human brains to machines, create new life forms and build Star Trek-style disease detectors will be the focus...

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Night-vision contact lenses may be in your future

          Source: Military Times Here’s what you need to know: 1. What it is. Graphene is a single-atom layer of graphite. It’s the same material found in that No....

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DARPA’s Newest X-Plane Concepts Are All Robots

          Source: IEEE Spectrum Yesterday, DARPA announced the four companies that’ll be competing to develop a new experimental aircraft that combines the efficiency of an airplane with the versatility of a...

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How U.S. Military Funded Researchers Built A 3-D Invisibility Cloak For Sound

            Source: Fast Company Technology for an invisibility cloak hasn’t yet been perfected, but researchers at Duke University have just invented what they’re calling the world’s first “3-D...

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DARPA seeks to automate battlefield decision aids

Source: GCN Today’s battlefield commanders have a spectrum of flexible and powerful tools, including manned and unmanned platforms, weapons, sensors and electronic warfare systems that interact over robust satellite and tactical communications links....

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Google Glass for the Battlefield

Source: Wired Walking around Silicon Valley with an augmented reality display on your face makes you a glasshole. On the battlefield, though, similar technology will soon turn U.S. soldiers into a lethal cross...

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  Source: NextGov Corporations and government are using information about us in a new – and newly insidious – way. Employing massive data files, much of the information taken from the Internet, they...

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