Honduras facing narco nightmare as opium cultivation takes hold

Editor’s Note: JTF-BRAVO Soto Cano Air Base major U.S. military hub  for counter narcotic missions. Are U.S. military-corrupt government officials complicate in the cultivation and distribution of   Central America Opium? There is more profit in production and trafficking of narcotics.  CIA and Contras cocaine… Continue Reading

SE Asia’s war on drugs is ‘fueling production’

  Source: UCANEWS.COM Cultivation of opium in Southeast Asia’s notorious Golden Triangle region has doubled in the past decade, according to an in-depth study that rebuffs claims by governments that an aggressive anti-narcotics policy is reaping benefits and improving livelihoods. The… Continue Reading

Opium production jumps near British base in Afghanistan

            Source: BBC The opium-growing area around Britain’s main base in Afghanistan nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, the UK government has said. Poppy fields took up 19,136 hectares (47,286 acres) in the district nearest… Continue Reading

Narco State: Drug trafficking corrupts Kyrgyzstan’s politics and underworld

            Source: Phys Org Kyrgyzstan, a landlocked and mountainous country in Central Asia, serves a powerful role in the Eurasian drug trade by playing the “mule” that carts heroin and other opiates between Afghanistan and… Continue Reading

The Narcostate: A helping hand from U.S. Special Forces and GKNB

Source: Politico Editor’s Note: M41 Highway/ Pamir Highway route through Tajikistan likely a  route for opium/weapons for local warlords,  however the big boys- US Special Forces, Intel operatives, GKNB/Armed Forces are airlifting opium from undisclosed location – hint Afghanistan. Take a… Continue Reading

Cameroon Becomes Vortex For Arms Trafficking In Troubled Region

Source: Mintpress News A spate of recent arms seizures and arrests of traffickers in Cameroon destined for neighboring Nigeria is reflecting the increasing instability being created by Boko Haram, a report by IRIN News on Friday has revealed. The article… Continue Reading

The “Hidden” geopolitics: The case of the Afghan heroin production and the aftermath of NATO exit

Source: Serbianna “Suppose the prisoners were able to talk together, don’t you think that when they named the shadows which they saw passing they would believe they were naming things?” PLATO, The Republic, Allegory of the cave Preface The issue… Continue Reading

NSA, Unit 8200, Technion, NICE systems, Comverse, and Check Point’s role in U.S. militarization, domestic-international intelligence surveillance and drug trafficking

Source: mondoweiss […] Technion’s links with surveillance operations The American Technion Society, which is a New York City-based fundraising/public relations outlet for Technion, states in a YouTube video: “The world often turns to Israel for anti-terror and surveillance technology. But… Continue Reading

Federation of American Scientists Warn Against Loose MANPADs in Syria

Editor’ Notes: Did Dyncorp Mercs deliver MANPADs to the CIA backed Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria?  The U.S. State Dept. has contracted the security company DynCorp International to help track missing surface-to-air missiles and Dyncorp Mercs contracted to hunt down… Continue Reading

CIA tied to the murder of a DEA agent and the movement of drugs from South America to Mexico and to the U.S

Source: Fox News Few remember Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, the DEA agent killed in the line of duty almost 30 years ago, when the War on Drugs was the talk of Washington. “On February 7, 1985, Special Agent Camarena was kidnapped… Continue Reading

U.S. drug agents smuggling cocaine, Venezuelan president alleges

Source: Examiner The president of Venezuela on Wednesday cast suspicion on an American law enforcement agency saying his nation is probing the American drug enforcement officers to learn whether or not they are involved in narcotics trafficking in his country.… Continue Reading

CIA’s secret global business of narcotics smuggling and weapons trade

Source: Pakistan Today Drug trade goes on unchecked in Afghanistan If one goes by the American measurement, the saying goes that they do not start a venture unless they are sure about its cost not going from their own kitty.… Continue Reading