Private Military Contractors Hired to Move Guns and Gold Out of Ferguson

Source: Vice News Business owners in the St. Louis, Missouri area have hired private military contractors to transport guns and gold, fearing their shops will be targeted by looters if a grand jury...

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The wars that really are about the oil

Source: Spectator UK Excerpt: Americans who hope that ‘energy independence’ can reduce US involvement in the Middle East similarly fail to understand the post-Cold War strategy of their own country. Thanks to the...

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Russian Arctic island to serve as base for military transport planes

Source: Russia and India Report A Russian Arctic aerodrome will be upgraded to receive Ilyushin Il-76 heavy military transport planes, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, Col.-General Viktor Bondarev said on Monday. Plans...

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Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of invasion pretext

Source: Reuters President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russia is sending an aid convoy to eastern Ukraine despite urgent Western warnings against using humanitarian help as a pretext for an invasion. With Ukraine...

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secret prisons

Egypt operates secret prisons for suspected militants

Editor’s Note: I am going out on a limb. I am starting to think the Arab Spring in Cairo, Egypt was a covert Egyptian military intelligence operation to expose, identify and round up enemies of the...

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U.S. Plans To Train, Arm Ukraine National Guard In 2015

Source: Huffington Post The Obama administration has notified Congress of its plans to train and arm the Ukrainian national guard next year, the Pentagon said on Friday, as Washington continues to intensify its...

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The Xingjiangistan Connection

Source: Foreign Policy hen the Pakistani army launched its campaign in the militant-riddled tribal region North Waziristan in June, it was tempting to attribute the operation to U.S. pressure. For many years, Washington...

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Lebanon Deploys Troops to Halt Syrian Jihadist Spillover

Source: VOA Lebanese security forces say a tip from U.S. intelligence agencies enabled them to pre-empt an assault planned by Syrian jihadists on predominantly Shi’ite Muslim villages in the Bekaa Valley. The intelligence...

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A-Korps korps 1

Dutch Special Forces, HUMINT and ELINT in Mali tackle changing threat

Source: Reuters Dutch troops have joined a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali to meet a growing security threat from the region to the Netherlands, and Europe as a whole that “softer” approaches can...

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slavonic corps

Private military companies to be in Russian reserve force in case of mobilization

Source:Voice of Russia The Russian Defense Ministry will take under control Russian private military companies (PMC) and will be able to use them in the event of imposing a state of emergency in...

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30,000 Saudi troops deployed to Iraq border

Source: Al Jazeera Saudi Arabia has sent 30,000 soldiers to its border with Iraq after Iraqi soldiers withdrew from the area, Al Arabiya television says. The country aims to guard its 800km border with Iraq,...

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Baghdad must accept Kirkuk is now part of Kurdistan—KRG official

Source: Aawsat London, Asharq Al-Awsat—The federal government in Baghdad must now accept that Kirkuk is a part of the autonomous Kurdistan region, a senior Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) official has said, echoing earlier comments by...

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Saudi Arabia on Highest Alert as ISIS Terrorists Near Border

Source: IB Times Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has ordered “all necessary measures” to be implemented to protect his country from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) as the group reaches...

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Norway Wants NATO To Prepare For An Arctic Showdown

Source: Business Insider Australia Even Norway, ensconced in the most developed corner of the world, is worried about conflict with the Russians. Today, Stephen Saideman, a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa and a leading...

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Secretive Swiss vaults may hold missing link in platinum price equation

Source: Reuters Underground vaults next to a Swiss farming village may reveal one reason for the platinum market’s indifference to its biggest ever supply shock. Most analysts and market players expected steep price...

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Predicting crime, LAPD’s Geographic Policing Divisions

Source: Guardian The Los Angeles Police Department, like many urban police forces today, is both heavily armed and thoroughly computerised. The Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division in downtown LA is its central processor. Rows...

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Dutch and German Troops prepare for new mission in Afghanistan

Source: Netherlands and other Western countries are preparing a new military mission in Afghanistan to prevent the country like Iraq from falling prey to Islamic extremists. The government is considering sending about Hundred soldiers...

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