The FBI uses malware to combat online anonymity

Editor’s Note: Anonymity already compromised if using TOR – TOR Originally sponsored by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory  Source: Engadget Online anonymity is a beautiful, terrible thing, so naturally governments and law enforcement types are eager to see what happens behind the web’s closed… Continue Reading

Mesh Networks to avoid surveillance in Tunisia funded by U.S. State Department

          Editor’s Note: Any communication network funded by U.S. State Department and USAID  is a red flag. You should be asking yourself why the State Department is beta testing in foreign countries and not providing snoop… Continue Reading

DARPA seeks to automate battlefield decision aids

Source: GCN Today’s battlefield commanders have a spectrum of flexible and powerful tools, including manned and unmanned platforms, weapons, sensors and electronic warfare systems that interact over robust satellite and tactical communications links. While increasing situational awareness, the resulting complexity… Continue Reading